Sportlegs SportLegs Supplement Bottle of 120 Capsules



  • WHY DO MUSCLES HURT DURING EXERCISE? WHY DOES EXERCISE PAIN GET WORSE WITH AGE? LACTIC ACID. Patented SportLegs jump-starts your muscles’ natural chemistry to make less lactic acid in the first place. Bicycling magazine concludes “it’s a clever way to raise your lactate threshold and boost performance.”
  • #1-SELLING SUPPLEMENT IN U.S. BICYCLING SINCE 2006. (Source: Quality Bicycle Products, #1 US bicycling product distributor.) Bicycling is our #2 sport by participation, behind walking/running. Cycling makes adult legs “burn.” Cyclists have made SportLegs #1 because it actually prevents the “burn” with such healthy ingredients, there’s no reason not to use it.
  • MEDIA REVIEWS: USA Today reports “SportLegs actually works and won’t get you kicked out of the Tour de France.” Bicycling magazine writes “Staff favorite SportLegs really works. You just don’t get sore.” Skiing magazine reports “Your muscles produce less lactic acid. Less burn, more fun!” The Denver Post adds, “SportLegs actually delivers on its promise to reduce fatigue and keep you hiking, pedaling and skiing longer.”
  • WORKS FAST: You’ll notice way less “burn” just half an hour after your first dose. No “amped-up” side effects. Other sports supplements require you to take them daily for weeks or even months before you notice results. Not SportLegs. You take it only before exercise, then re-dose every two hours for long-distance events or tournaments. SportLegs leads the pack in speed and “bang for the buck.”
  • HEALTHY AND LEGAL. SportLegs’ ingredients are Generally Recognized As Safe [“GRAS”] by our FDA since 1984. We select only the purest European natural-source lactate compounds available. We manufacture in pharmaceutical-grade facilities in Colorado. SportLegs’ ingredients are legal for WADA-, USADA- and NCAA-sanctioned sports. SportLegs has been legally used for Olympic, UCI and US National competition since 2004. Get SportLegs. Outperform your age.


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